I help remote workers, leaders and companies create the most burnout-free and productive remote work environment

Working remotely is an attitude that can be built and nurtured.

My Strengths
Experienced & Certified

With 15+ years of studying and working remotely, in Academia and as an AI consultant, and a certification in Life Coaching and Mindfulness, I offer you the best support to successfully overcome your remote challenges.

Crystal Clear Process

I'm an open book! I'm going to explain you in detail how the process works and why some steps are needed to improve the quality of your remote work experience.

Day-by-day Mentoring

You have me by your side each step of the way. You can call me every day during our journey, benefiting from my guidance whenever you are in need.

Your Gain
Team Player

Become the team player that every team wants. Improve the relationships with colleagues and job to make the most out of your personality.

Transferable Soft Skills

Soft skills are the foundation of every remote work performed well. Improve and develop yours and learn how to integrate them in every aspect of your life.


Being able to unplug without concerns and regrets is a must. Learn to unplug from work and deeply reconnect with the other aspects of your life.

Improved Well-Being

Experience general well-being and learn how to make it long-lasting! 

Added Value For Companies
Improved Productivity

Fulfilled employees and teammates are more proactive, boosting the productivity of their company. With my guidance, they will learn to be more healthily productive.

Market Strength

Make your company stronger on the market by engaging in a true teamwork with your clients.

Improved Teamwork

By working with me, the whole team will develop stronger relationships and a more positive attitude towards teamwork.

Leadership & Followership

A company thrives when it supports true leaders and followers instead of bosses and sheep. I can train the members of your company to lead and follow efficiently, in line with the company values.


Boost resilience to the ever changing dynamics of the market. By working with me, your company will be more able to pivot, adapting to the demands of the market, constantly creating high-quality services.


Create a nurturing environment that will skyrocket brainstorming and creativity. A creative company that thinks out-of-the-box will be the leader of unexplored markets.


"I could easily say that I aimed for a better work-life balance and ways to overcome everyday problems and obstacles...and it happened. An exceptional and very productive journey, bringing results, approaching with different ways depending on the situation."


—  I.B. Electrical Engineer

Interested In Knowing More?

Questions, doubts, feedback, thoughts, experiences you feel like sharing?


Just drop me a message on WhatsApp or Telegram or send me an email and we can have a nice conversation about whatever you feel like talking about.

Please, don't hesitate to break the ice. As I said, I'm an open book and I'll be happy to get to know another fellow remote worker!

Phone: +32 493 71 35 22

Email: alemontalto@protonmail.com

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