The Problem

Is the push to be productive making you feel anxious, burned out and angry?

If you said yes to at least one of these feelings, then it's normal to be less productive.


The Cause

But it's not your fault.

It's because the old productivity paradigm focuses only on tasks and time.


The Solution

The secret to be more productive, free from anxiety, burnout and anger?

A little known factor called human value.

Hardly anybody talks about it. But when you learn how to use it, you'll see a huge difference in your productivity, well-being and quality of life.




1. Define Productivity

Productivity is achieving a meaningful goal
without the burden of anxiety, burnout and anger.

- Where do you start to be productive?

2. Human Value

Human Value is the only variable you need to take
care of to be productive and healthy.


Create great human value to be permanently free from anxiety, burnout and anger.

- How do you create human value?

- And what exactly is human value?

3. Definition

Human Value is the result of the creation of
safe, nurturing and accepting relationships.


You only need to focus on building one factor that will both allow you to be much more productive and free from anxiety, burnout and anger!

4. Closing The Circle

By creating as much human value as possible, you
won't allow frustration, stress, anxiety and anger to build up.


Only then, you will be truly free to achieve any meaningful goal, aka productivity.


The Long-term Damage

Do you, like me, experience the damage that the push to perform more tasks and work long hours has on your productivity and well-being?


Damage Prevention

Then you need to learn how to create human value because it will permanently make you productive and free from anxiety, burnout and anger.


Ale, WHY do you CARE about rebooting the productivity paradigm?

If everybody learns to be productive by creating an amazing human value, we are going to live in a world without anxiety, burnout and anger. That’s why I care.


A bit of background. I have been a workaholic, obsessed with being productive the old way. The more I worked, the longer my to-do list got. I needed to be highly efficient, thus I tried to optimize everything in my life. I became a super efficient label-maker. I judged everything as good, bad, useful or negligible in the first five minutes of being exposed to a new stimulus. It could be a new project or a new person or a new experience. I believed in the old productivity paradigm so much that I pushed through two degrees in physics and a PhD in neuroscience to finally pay a very expensive bill: ending up having a huge burnout, deep depression and suicidal thoughts.


I was in a very dark pit. That’s when I realized that I couldn’t let my productivity and life depend on a mere number of tasks or working hours. There must be more to it. There must be a way to measure productivity differently without falling into the trap of anxiety, burnout and anger.

That’s when I started working with human value. I observed that by creating an enormous human value, productivity flows effortlessly. Thus, well-being follows suit.

Ale, WHAT IF I embrace the new productivity paradigm, BUT my company doesn’t?

What an amazing question! I would also be worried to be the only one wanting change. What happened to me in the past was to get isolated. But I don’t want you to feel isolated. That’s why I work with individuals and teams.


But, if you really are the only one who wants change, we can still work together and I promise you that once you embrace the new productivity paradigm, you will be able to deal with the resistance in your work environment much better. Furthermore, your teammates will feel attracted to your lifestyle. You will be able to lead them towards the transition!

Ale, HOW will rebooting productivity CHANGE THE WORLD for the better?

Take a few seconds to think about the impact that anxiety, burnout (or being close to it) and anger have in your life. How many times do you feel like you can’t stand it any more? How many times do you react angrily or aggressively with your family and friends because of what happened at work? How well do you sleep?


Now imagine a life where you sleep amazingly, have the energy to be fully present and alive when you are with your family and friends and you feel driven, with a purpose and a mission.


Now imagine being surrounded by other people who feel as driven, fulfilled and enthusiastic as you are. How would the world look like to you?


That’s how it will look like to me: a world where we feel nurtured, respected, taken into account. A world where we can make a true impact. Would you like to live in a world like that? I do!

Ale, WHY would I TRUST YOU?

I would never ask you to trust me on the basis of my background, studies, accomplishments and whatnot.


I am one of you who went through a major burnout and depression. I hit rock-bottom because I believed in the old productivity paradigm. I share my life experience and insights with you about how unbelievably powerful the new productivity paradigm is.


If you don’t trust me, it’s ok. I would love to invite you to attend one of my webinars and to follow my telegram channel so that you can see and feel by yourself how authentic I am.

OK, let’s PUSH the REBOOT BUTTON! HOW can I learn to create human value?

Do we agree about how stressful measuring productivity in terms of number of hours and tasks is? Do we agree about how devastating for your well-being the old productivity paradigm is? Do we agree about the need to embrace a new productivity paradigm?


Then let’s do it together! Let’s work as a team to maximize human value. Ready? Awesome! Because I crafted a 6-week learning program for you where I am by your side each step of the way. By sharing my life experience and insights and by leveraging my coaching skills, you will learn to create the most impactful human value that will boost productivity and well-being.



7 hour video course

Daily coaching support

Weekly coaching session of 1 full hour

Permanent change

Down-to-earth, fully customized learning process

Access to Telegram community of like-minded Rebooters


The Outcome

A new, clear, powerful and long-lasting approach to boost productivity, permanently free from anxiety, burnout and anger.


The first step to start benefiting from the program is to book a call with me. We will assess what your needs are and you can decide whether the program is for you.



Marc Sader - Patent Advice | PhD Machine Learning and Decision Making | Intellectual Property

"Compassionate and relatable is how I can describe Ale. I've had the benefit of being guided by Ale for many months of remote-working during the Covid pandemic. Above all, Ale's approach has helped me learn a lot about myself and how to take committed action for many things in my life, namely, effective remote-working. And, of course, Ale creates a safe space allowing for maximum benefit. By being very observant Ale has been able to support my needs. I highly recommend Ale if you need to get remote-working done right."



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