Reviews from my clients.

I.B. electrical engineer

"I could easily say that I aimed for a better work-life balance and ways to overcome everyday problems and obstacles...and it happened. An exceptional and very productive journey, bringing results, approaching with different ways depending on the situation."

M. R. orthopedagogist

"Alessandro is a master in extracting the real problem out of a waterfall of words of worry, sorrow, anger. He always helps me to identify what is really holding me back or making me unhappy, by asking the right questions at the right time. He helped me to “un-label” myself and cultivating a mind that is much more open. I feel very grateful for the journey we are still on together."

A. O. biotechnologist

"I talked with Alessandro a few times and I always enjoyed our sessions. His personal experiences, sensibility and sense of humor make his way of coaching like talking with an old friend. As a guide, he is helping me realizing how I can improve my life by allowing myself to make different choices. Thank you for your help!”

B. S. intimacy coach

"Alessandro has coached me a few times now and I always finish the session with new insight about myself. Seeing the kind of thought patterns and beliefs that are holding me back from living authentically and creating new beliefs that serve me. He's very good at connecting the dots and seeing the patterns in ones life. He's very good at calling you out on your stuff and ensuring you leave the session more empowered than before. Thank you for all your help and support!”

N. W. technical consultant

"Ale has guided me through the process of discovering my inner wound and how it affects me deeply. He knows just how to direct to the path of healing. Now I'm on my way!"

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