About Alessandro.

Alessandro has been a remote worker for more than 15 years. He lived in Italy, Belgium, Australia and Spain before landing back in Belgium.

He worked in Academia as a neuroscientist and then as a consultant in AI and statistical data analysis.

He managed to effectively create strategies to improve his work-life balance, build strong friendships that still represent an important part of his family despite the long distance and always be a valuable asset for his team. Furthermore, he crafted his own way to make a meaningful impact.

Dramatically improving his relationship with a distributed team and his work-life balance came after an intensive inner process that allowed Alessandro to effectively carve his own way to contribute to the well-being of other remote workers. Alessandro became a Certified Life Coach Practitioner and Mindfulness Practitioner to master active listening to best support people during the different stages of their lives. He is constantly refining the method to become the person he wants to be.

Now, he helps other do the same.

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